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David lynch on product placement in film

March 29, 2007



My Legs Are Long

March 8, 2007

-John O.


December 16, 2006

Another script written by Ryan Johnston.

“Jehovah Wha’!”

December 15, 2006

A script written by Ryan Johnston.


Jesus Camp (Updated)

December 4, 2006

In its’ entirety, I present to you “Jesus Camp”. This is a feature-length documentary on extreme, radical right-wing Evangelicals. Narrowing down on one Christian extremist who devotes her life to crushing childrens’ futures, the filmmakers give a terrifying look into the lives of 50% of America’s population. More Americans believe in angels than evolution.

These are just facts, people. Now if you are using prayer-based virus protection, you may want to turn it off before watching.

UPDATE: I had originally planned on linking to the movie hosted on Google Video, but when I went to retrieve the code, it had been taken down. NOW, it appears that Daily Motion has also taken down the video. You will see this on DVD soon, so I suggest you check it out then. Reader “maryt” was kind enough to let us know of Daily Motions lame-ness, and also to give us a link to a clip from Jesus Camp. If I don’t agree with the morals of the little girl featured in the video, I do agree with her taste in heavy metal.

…Just not Jesus metal.

-John O.